How do you celebrate your heritage?

Heritage Day is celebrated annually on the 24th September 2016,which has been declared a public holiday in South Africa.

South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture.This is a great way to encourage South Africans to have understanding,tolerance and respect for each other’s cultures,it  is one of the most multi cultural countries in the world.South Africa has 11 official languages,English is spoken throughout the country and the other official languages are:Afrikaans,Ndebele,Northern Sotho,Southern Sotho,Swazi,Tsongo,Tswana,Venda,Xhosa and Zulu.

The coloureds descended from inter marriages and unions between europeans,blacks  and asian slaves with khoisan.I am classified as a coloured south African,a residual category and my heritage is a  blend of all the other cultural backgrounds.Not all coloured people share the same ethnic background and their physical features are also different.The coloured people have the highest levels of mixed ancestory in the world.Some coloureds prefer to be called black,khoisan or simply south africans.The apartheid government placed all mixed race people together in one class and categorised them as coloureds despite ethnic and national differences in ancestry.Most coloureds speak afrikaans as their mother tongue, many are bilingual.

Every year I celebrate Heritage day by dressing up in traditional attire from one of our south african cultures and ,learning about other cultures through practicing traditional customs.As confusing as my own culture may be coming from mixed decent I am proud of the contribution that coloured people made towards a democratic South Africa.I respect and honour the sweat,hardships and challenges that my predessors  endured for allowing me to celebrate Heritage Day.

South Africa is called a rainbow nation because it consists of various diverse cultures.Let us respect and be tolerant of each others cultures.

I am a proud South African,Happy Heritage Month!



Symbolism of Spring

I am energised by the rising of the sun,the singing of birds and the blooming of fragrant flowers.

Finally the temperature has risen to more bearable temperatures,I am no longer confined to the gym in the mornings.Each day is an opportunity for new beginnings,if you wake up grumpy or you are in a state of depression then Spring can lighten your mood.It is the season to awaken from your slumber.Let go of the past and reevaluate your health,life and physical wellbeing goals.Spring symbolises hope,prosperity and a new season in our lives.

Open your windows to your soul,your house and your wardrobe.What better excuse to shop and add a few new accessories and items to your wardrobe.Now is the time to get out,get into nature and start your exercise programme.Nature is the best medicine for mental vitality.Stop looking at your running shoes,lace them up,wear them and go for your walk.How long has your box of green tea been standing next to your kettle,check the expiry date first and drink one cup of herbal tea each morning.Commit yourself to new rituals,what are you waiting for ,the start of  a new season?Let go of the excuses that limit your own ideas about what you can and cannot accomplish.

Spring is in the air,reconnect with your soul!


Life lessons for women

Women face unique hurdles in life,as a woman I realised the following life lessons:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle,you need balance in your life to cope with every day stressors.
  • Gossip is unattractive,it gives you a bad label and image.
  • Difficulties are temporary,the sun will shine again.
  • Be self sufficient,indepence even when you are in a relationship is invaluable.
  • Don’t worry too much it won’t change the outcome.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Love and accept yourself,be comfortable n your own skin.There will always be someone smarter and prettier but believe you are smart and pretty.
  • Forgive yourself and others.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others,your journey is your own.
  • Life is not fair but it can still be good.Life is not tied up with a bow but it is still a gift.
  • People don’t think about you as much as you think they do.
  • You do not have to be a people’s pleaser or be everyone’s friend.      

Celebrate womanhood,live each day as if it’s your last.


What motivates you in life?

When I achieve a goal big or small it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Depending on where you are in life the factors which motivate each one of us may be different.You may be motivated by ambition,money,recognition,independence,competition,doing good deeds etc.What motivates me is to achieve optimal performance in my own life it may not be the best for others but I will be damned if I did not give my best.I don’t wake up optomistic each day,I have moods which don’t deter me from losing sight of my goals.Improving my life and quality of life and that of my families is a necessity.Whether I feel like working or not I simply have to in order to reach my goal.My current position at work has become monotonous hence I am a student for life to prepare myself for any opportunities that may arise.I have to create my own opportunities in case opportunity does not arise with the little resources I have,I simply have to be creative and think outside the box.

Putting my thoughts to paper also motivates me,publishing my thoughts holds me accountable.I must do what I said I was gonna do,be loyal to others but most importantly to myself.Another great motivater is doing something which others said you could not do.Challenges is an opportunity to acquire a new skills so be thankful to those who said you could not achieve something.It’s not easy staying motivated,you have to keep moving towards your goal daily.Stay focused,peservere ,don’t worry too much about the time it takes to reach your goal,time will pass anyway.Believe in yourself,make each day count and never be afraid of failure.

Stay motivated.



One Hundred and Thirty Seven south african athletes competed in 16 sports codes respectively at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.

Thus far we secured one gold medal by Wayde Van Niekerk who made history by smashing the long standing 400m record of Michael Johnson.The Rio Olympics has been very entertaining and inspiring.I have been glued to the telly whenever I have a chance since the start of the Olympics on the 5th August 2016.Qualifying for the Olympics is a phenomenal achievement.Finally ,all the sacrifices,hard work and years of training have paid off,medal or no medal,what a remarkable achievement to qualify for the Olympics!South Africa’s Sunette Viljoen has secured a silver medal in the javelivin event,the only female athlete thus far to secure a medal.We are confident of another female athlete who will secure a gold medal in the 800m,not only a gold,I am sure the current record will tumble.

Sadly all good things comes to an end,tomorrow 21st August 2016 will mark the end of the Rio Olympics 2016.South Africa has the potential to be amongst the top 5 countries in the world if only more talented athletes are identified and developed.

I hope your alarms are set for the 800m,our South African girl is gonna make history.

Yours in Sport.


Running Accessories I cannot go without

We all have running accessories,gadgets that you simply must have in your possession on every run.I feel very uncomfortable, like something is missing if I go on a run without my essential items whether it is a road race or merely a training run.I simply cannot go without my running essentials.

My list is as follows:

1.My running watch,running watches have become one of my collectablable items over the years whether it’s a stopwatch or a fancier one that records my distance.I cannot leave the front door without my watch.

2.Since the buff became popular amongst runners,my buff to wipe my runny nose espc during early morning runs or sweat on hot days.

3.Peak Cap,rain or sunshine I must wear my peak cap,comes in very handy espc for early morning runs ,when you having a bad hair day but more especially to delay the ageing process.

4.My reflective belt ,to stay visible during early mornings or early evenings.

5.My running belt with at least one pocket for my keys and and at least three pockets during an ultra run.I must have the following during an ultra kept in a ziplock plastick bag inside my pocket:vaseline,lipice,2*painkillers,xtra safety pin and few sheets of toilet paper for in case I may need them.

6.Cotton socks,I wear certain pairs for races only and the rest for training only.

7.Running shoes of course,a good cushioned pair that can withstand many kilometers and pounding of your feet.

What are your must have items?

Enjoy your training!

Domestic Goddess

I try to make every penny I earn stretch a little bit further,I love diy projects and am keen on trying new things and all sorts of hints and tips.Our grandmothers and great grandmother’s have always had many hints and tips for good health and running your household.

I have tried many of these hints and tips. Below I’m sharing 10 that actually works.None of them are harmful,try them at your own risk.

1. Add 500ml of full cream milk to a warm bath it softens and conditions dry skin.

2.You can clean your silver or gold jewellery with toothpaste.

3.If you have eaten something very hot like chillies and wanna cool down, eat beetroot.

4.Get rid of a feverblister on your lip by applying a dab of vanilla essence.

5.Get rid of odours in your microwave by adding a few drops of vanilla essence in a small bowl and heating it for a few seconds in your microwave ,leave to stand in microwave until odour is gone.

6.Whiten yellow nails by soaking your fingertips in lemonjuice for a few minutes

7.Remove rust by using Coke.

8.Add a marshmallow to your brown sugar to prevent hardening of sugar.

9.Painful joints? Eat jelly it is like a lubricant,oils your joints.

10.Use conditioner when shaving softens your hair and skin after shaving.